Sofa For Sale Leather Recliner Brown Valencia Lovesofas2011

Sofa For Sale Leather Recliner Brown Valencia

Sofa For Sale Leather Recliner Brown Valencia: Top selling leather sofa for sale recliner suite on ebay the Valencia is in premium bonded leather and leather match. Bonded leather is used on all main wearing surfaces of this sofa for sale and is both durable and soft. Leather match is used only on little used surfaces such as the back and below the arms on the outside. This Sofa for sale is Quality fire-proofed dense foam and pocket springs provide a very comfortable sit. Metal frame and three position recline (upright, semi-recline, full recline/sleep position). Backs detach so these sofas are easy to get into any room.view wide range of  leather and Fabric Sofas and Chair on SofasiNFashion

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Sofa For Sale Dimensions:

The measurements are Width/Depth/Height –

3 seater 210cm x 99cm x 97cm

2 seater 152cm x 99cm x 97cm

1 seater 102cm x 99cm x 97cm.

All seats recline except for the middle seat on the 3 seater.

Sofa is in bonded leather. Bonded leather is not 100% leather please check my leather sofa buying guide.

Leather Sofa Buying Guide


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The Seller is selling it for £529 for 3 seater and 2 seater sofa for sale As on 06/03/2015

This sofa is available on ebay from


This seller got very good positive scores

Feeback scores are 99.1%

The seller is offering delivery all over the UK . Delivery price is based where you live and for Scotland seller is charging extra.

Seller is covering different areas on the different days so please check with him before buying

If you live in flats you should check before ordering

Seller is offering premium service for fixing the sofa as well When we checked they are asking £14 pounds More

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