Modren Style Cressida Leather Recliner Sofa 2 Seat

leather recliner sofa

Modren Style Cressida Leather Recliner Sofa 2 Seat

Modren Style Cressida Leather Recliner Sofa 2 Seat:Superb comfort and elegant modern style Cresida leather sofa is the latest unique design.Especially made for reclining and relaxing to unwind your stress.Very reasonable in price with options to choose manual or power recliners.Enhanced with luxurious seat, back and headrest padding for great lumbar support . View vast range of leather and Fabric Sofas Chair collection on SofasiNFashion

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Furniture Deals 2Designed with foam seat cushions, fibre back and arm cushions.Leather upholstered grey sofa with stylish top-stitching and matching or contrasting piping.Leather upholstery has easy clean, protective coating and durable hard wood frame.An undoubted winner in any room from the cottage to the boardroom,embellished with plastic feet.The feature description: size, term & condition and Sale and original Price for Sofas is given below. Customer has to pay delivery charges for this sofa.–right-power-recliner&dwvar_ZFRSP000000000009770_color=bv-946b-silver-grey