Harveys Leather Corner Sofa Chocolate Holden

Harveys Leather Corner Sofa Chocolate Holden

Leather Corner Sofa Holden :The Holden Red Leather Corner Sofa is a contemporary design which is available in a choice of manual or electric recliner actions. When the main function of your living room is to host gatherings of epic proportions, make sure you have a sofa that’s up to the task. Roomy enough for at least six people, users tout this seat as being comfortable enough to entertain and lounge on for hours. This range is available in 2 leather covers , Caymen Fabric along with our new faux Suede fabric. View vast range of leather and Fabric Sofas Chair collection on SofasiNFashion

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Other Trendy Colors Available In Reid Holden Recliner Sofa

Grey-Leather-sofa-harveys-holden large-corner-sofa-holden-harveys-black large-corner-sofa-holden-harveys-mocha-chocolate large-corner-sofa-holden-harveys-light-grey

Leather Sofa Price



Large Corner Sofa  Constructed with high quality hardwood frame and twin needle top stitching.The best thing about this sofa as we review it is cheap sofa in very affordable price range.The feature description: size, term & condition and Sale and original Price for Sofas is given below. Customer has to pay delivery charges for this sofa.


Height 102 cm Width 240-240 cm Depth 100 cm

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