Grey Fabric Sofa Bed Faith 3 Seat Scatter Cushions

Grey Fabric Sofa Bed Faith 3 Seat with Scatter Cushions

Grey Fabric Sofa Bed Faith 3 Seat with Scatter Cushions:A quality 3 seater sofa bed with a simple but stylish design. Available in a variety of subtle colors and price.The Faith 3 Seater Sofa Bed has a simple but stylish design that will look great in any living room. The 3 fold system means you can quickly make the sofa into a bed when a guest comes to stay. View vast range of leather and Fabric Sofas Chair collection on SofasiNFashion.

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sofa-bedThe frame is made from a mix of high density board and solid wood for strength and durability. The plush cushions are deeply filled with foam and fibre for a more sumptuous feel. The sofa bed comes with two scatter cushions in the fabric color of the sofa chosen (not in a contrasting color as displayed).This black 3 seater sofa bed has broad back and deep seats with straight padded arms provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.The feature description: size, term & condition and Sale and original Price for Sofas is given below. Customer has to pay delivery charges for this sofa.

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